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About MyTEFL Reviews

English is hands down the fastest-spreading language in the world. With more people speaking English than ever before, it has become the universal language for communication in tourism, commerce, trade, education, and science on an international level. The number of children, travelers, and business people demanding to learn English around the world is astonishing.

For Teachers

Unlike other courses which focus on theory theory theory, we developed our TEFL to be practical and classroom effective. Our training programs began life in schools with a need to have new teachers ready to take classes in four weeks or less. That makes our grads lean, mean teaching machines!

Practical – Relevant courses designed for new teachers

Connect with Employers eager to hire You

Why pay extra for placements? Schools are eager to scoop up MyTEFL grads. Skip the job hunt and connect directly with great employers who want to interview you. No more lineups and anxiety. Hello great salaries, benefits, and a fully supported transition to your new home! All free for MyTEFL grads.

Job Placements – Free for myTEFL graduates


Our accredited and externally moderated courses ensure you are getting quality training that employers love. Our graduates are working all over the world in public school positions, private training centres, Ministry of Education sponsored initiatives, NGOs and many more. Get trained with a name that is trusted!

Trust – Externally moderated training you can trust

Giving Back

Here at MyTEFL, we believe in giving back to those in need. When you enroll in a course at MyTEFL, we make a donation towards a great cause in your name. You’re never charged of course, the good vibes are on us!

Positive Impact – Your enrollment helps disadvantaged communities

MyTEFL’s founders have worked in TEFL publishing, training materials authors, school management, TEFL HR Training implementation, and they are also TEFL teachers and travelers.  The MyTEFL Team has over 40 years combined experiences in the English as a Second/Foreign Language industry.  This was in large recognized multinationals, listed companies, private chains and also smaller scale ventures.  This includes many schools and companies.

MyTEFL Reviews website has been designed to inspire you!  Contact us here to inquire about your personalized journey of a lifetime!