Reviews of MyTEFL

MyTEFL is loved by many of their students!  Here’s some reviews:

Allysa B,

I was curious about going abroad and working, but I never thought it would be real. My Tefl was supportive and helpful along the way. There were a few difficult parts for me, but I made it to the end and learned a lot. I’m now going to Wuhan, China for my first teaching job!


I wanted to improve my work skills while still keeping my regular job. Thanks to mytefl, I’m working and learning at the same time. This course is very well taught, and the tests keep me on my toes. I had a friend who did a TEFL course in college and he said this one is comparable in every way. I highly recommend it.

Jenny D, Atlanta, United States

MyTEFL is an amazing, life-changing experience and a great deal. It has attentive people like Luba and Tyler who walk you through the process of getting a CV and cover letter set up. Then they connect you with interested schools in the countries of your choosing. It’s a small investment of money and time to earn the 120-hour TEFL through myTEFL, but it pays off better than any other option out there (seriously). Skip the $2200 courses, and take MyTEFL; you will be surprisingly satisfied!


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